Put your surfing suit on, grab your board and get ready to catch a wave because surf’s up in Costa Rica, the host nation of 2016’s ISA World Surfing Games.

Hesitating about where to go? Here are the top five local surfing spots!



Tamarindo is a perfect spot because of its consistent waves and swells, becoming one of the most popular surf sites along the Pacific Coast.

It has become a lively surf town, with its gold sandy beach, hotels, surf camps and attractive night activities.


Roca Bruja

A large rock formation near the shore gave this beach located on the Pacific Coast the popular name of “Witch’s Rock.” 

It’s an attractive spot for surfers as well as for visitors from around the world due to the beach’s particularity. Beach break waves form in the middle of nowhere, coming from both right and left, which allows you to enjoy hollow and powerful waves as well.

 Photo: Welcome Surftrips


Playa Dominical

Dominical is a surf town where you will find numerous surf camps, rental shops and a varied selection of restaurants. You will find waves for both beginners and experts, taking in consideration points and beach breaks. Always avoid low tide, where waves close in shallow waters; anyhow, you’ll always find lifeguards on duty.


Salsa Brava

If you’re going to the Caribbean and you’re looking for heavy waves, this is the spot that will meet your expectations.  It can be a dangerous experience, with Hawaiian style waves that attracts experts and brave adventurous travelers.

Photo: Bareru.com

The experience in Salsa Brava includes the adrenaline that lifts up inside the tubes, with the added bonus of the flavor of Limon’s nightlife.


Playa Negra

A destination you must visit with your board! Its personal mark is its right hand barrels, with a consistent point break. The take off zone is quite small, but then it starts to turn on a couple feet overhead, where you can expect fast perfect tubes.

Are you ready to enjoy its high quality waves?