Guanacaste has a great variety of landscapes and biological environments, making it an attractive destination. Waterfalls are among the magical spots that every tourist must visit. Maybe they’re hidden, like secrets ready to be found by the eyes of the most curious ones.  There are spots where you can relax, maybe take a swim underneath the falls or, at least, take some pictures and have a special and fun moment with your friends or family.

Here there are a few of Guanacaste’s favorite waterfalls that you must discover:

Llanos de Cortez

Follow the relaxing sound of the water falling from the spectacular 12m high and 15m wide waterfall. Llano de Cortez is located in Bagaces, going towards the direction of Palo Verde National Park.

It ends in a quiet pond and a white sandy beach where you can take a bath and swim. You can also relax on the rocks or maybe even have a picnic. So you better carry with you a bathing suit, sunscreen, and sandals. Don’t worry about the cost, because the entrance is free, although donations are welcome.

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Viento Fresco

This waterfall in Tilarán is easy to find and also very welcoming for families. It’s never crowded because getting there represents a small, but very exciting challenge. In order to get there, you are going to need a 4×4 car.

You can swim and enjoy your time in there for a cost of $16 per person. With such an amazing spot, we can say it’s money well spent.

Get your hiking shoes ready and discover an awesome sight!

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Río Celeste Waterfall

Located in the western Guanacaste region, the Río Celeste Waterfall is part of Tenorio Volcano National Park. Light-blue water is the most attractive color in this paradisiacal and tropical destination. There’s a local legend that says that when God was creating the skies, he washed his blue brushes in the river giving the water its turquoise colors.

Of course, it’s just a saying, but it’s also a possibility for the imagination while remaining and wondering the beauty in the air in this enviable and hypnotic location. In fact, the light-blue color is the product of a chemical reaction between the volcano’s minerals and the lush rainforest water.

Catarata La Cangreja

Earlier told you all about the beauties in Rincón de la Vieja, a National Park. La Cangreja Waterfalls is at the end of Las Pailas trail and it’s a refreshing 131 feet waterfall where you can say goodbye to all your stress. The cost for tourists goes around $3 for a person and it’s also important to consider that there’s no space for camping.

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If visiting a waterfall is your thing, then you definitely have four great options to enjoy in Guanacaste. Which of them will be your first one?                      

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