A White Christmas? Not this time! This can be your first sandy Christmas, next to the sea, without snowflakes, but with lots and lots of shells.

There will be, for sure, a lot of people to celebrate with and you can be sure that if you are interested in having a good afterparty, there will be a high energy nightlife after your Christmas dinner. Entertainment is included!

Of course, it will be very unlikely that you’ll see reindeer or snowmen, but there’s a good chance for spotting other kinds of animals. For example, turtles or maybe, if you’re lucky enough, a couple of dolphins.

Relaxation in a tropical landscape is an option but you can also take things a step further by taking part in the festive season by attending many of the events that will be held during the season without leaving behind the activities you would like to do any other time of the year when you’re at the beach. For example, having fun in the water, doing healthy activities or recharging batteries.

If you’re used to opening your Christmas’ presents and then using them for the first time when you’re in the city, now you can think about receiving and using a different kind of presents. A brand new surfboard or a new bathing suit are examples of things you can use immediately while taking a dive into the crystal-clear waters.

There are many spots for adventurers near Costa Elena. Surf, windsurf or taking a hike through a National Park, such as Casona de Santa Rosa, Volcán Rincón de la Vieja or Parque Nacional Guanacaste, are some of your options. Those options are, for sure, better than walking through the mall in the search of presents.

Having Christmas in Costa Rica is a “Pura Vida” decision you can make in one of the top 5 welcoming countries of the world. Costa Elena also has several hospitality options for visitors with luxury accommodations, including excellent ocean views. For Christmas, you may expect the hotels in the area to offer their guests all sorts of Christmas activities in common areas and in gourmet restaurants. It’s the ultimate holiday escape in a private spot surrounded by nature.

Christmas is a perfect moment to change your perspective about family time; be open to celebrate it in a different way, maybe not around a Christmas tree but around a bonfire on the beach. Lounge on the sand and soak up the sunshine, it’s Christmas time!

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