La Cruz is located on the Santa Elena Peninsula, which is roughly 277 km away from the capital city, San José. You can arrive there by car, in a five-hour trip from San José. If you arrive to the Daniel Oduber Airport, in Liberia you’ll be very close-by.

La Cruz is a cherished destination that offers a great opportunity to enjoy its natural beauties, like the Santa Rosa National Park, or the legendary surfing point Witch’s Rock. If you are heading there, you might also want to invest some time discovering the great talent among its people.

Identidad Cruceña is a project that was created to give the local entrepreneurs tools and knowledge for them to grow as businessmen and women.

With the alliance formed by private and public entities the initiative Your Community Counts was developed. With this project, they helped enthusiast locals to learn more about what they can do in order for their ideas to become artisan products with a great value.

In a first phase, 30 entrepreneurs from La Cruz received an eight-month intensive training with students of the Engineering in Industrial Design School. The transfer of knowledge included brand management, design, marketing, intellectual property, production and social responsibility.

With the support of The Technological Institute of Costa Rica (TEC), Grupo Britt and Costa Elena, these entrepreneurs that worked with Identidad Cruceña learned about how they could take advantage of their own talent to innovate in different areas such as craftwork, costume jewelry, painting and textile.

Last July, all of the participants from the training presented the products that they developed in an exposition that happened in La Cruz. It was a great opportunitty for them to show the community how they used local raw materials in their products, such as different kinds of wood, sea elements, traditional food and parts of the calabash tree, which is plentiful in the region.

Credits: Identidad Cruceña

During the activity Carlos Hernández, President of Costa Elena talked about the importance of the development of the local artisan:

“For Costa Elena, working in partnership with TEC and Britt gives us great pride and adds considerably to the strategic process that we have committed to in La Cruz since 2008 which is building the first sustainable and inclusive tourism destination and keeping the development of the local communities at the center of our priorities. This alliance helps us to enhance the artistic capacities of local entrepreneurs, aiming at creating a collective of high-level artisans whose products can be offered to tourists who visit the region and to the international market”.

Credits: Identidad Cruceña