Traveling with friends and family is always fun. However, let’s consider the possibility of traveling by yourself, or traveling WITH yourself. You might end up learning that you love it!


People who have traveled alone describe it as a truly enriching experience in which you are able to let go of prejudice, challenging yourself to live new experiences and have a bigger control over your actions and choices.

What are pros when traveling solo? You are able to do what you want to do all the time, what interests you the most and every day you’re enjoying at your own pace.


If you make a mistake, it is only yours and does not affect your companions. The same applies for your triumphs. If you’re thinking about traveling solo, take into consideration these bits of advice in order to have a better experience.



Try new things


The idea of not depending on nobody else’s decisions allows you to get adventurous and try out something you normally wouldn’t do with others.

It’s normal if you feel hesitant to try new things but, on the other hand, it’s guaranteed that you’re feeling of success will be greater than under any other circumstances because willing to try new things implies bravery.


Be ready for the unexpected


Talking about taking risks and trying new things, remember that you should travel carrying a map and a transportation schedule with you. Check them before leaving your hotel. You should also carry with you some local help numbers, such as tourist police, or private transportation. Be ready for the unexpected, always. 


Learn some of the native languages


Knowing basic phrases and words of the local language will definitely come in handy. If you’re coming to Guanacaste, consider learning the very basics of Spanish. This will help you introduce yourself or have a basic conversation in order to reach your goals and satisfy your needs. If you’re alone, practice with the locals or friendly people in the area.


Be sociable

It’s fun to reach out to strangers, without bothering them that is. Subtle approaches, with questions or comments about the weather or where to find a good restaurant or maybe even ask about the nightlife of the area could be helpful to make some friends. Try to meet locals or other travelers like you.


So, do you now feel more confident about traveling by yourself?

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