Do you have a job that allows you to work outside the office, or even to work from wherever you want? If you the answer is yes or if this can be amongst your possibilities, give it a try! It’s a great opportunity to figure out more about your work habits, but also a chance to get inspiration from your surroundings. Be part of the digital nomads! 

There are people that even work while traveling 4 to 6 months per year with a group of other digital nomads.

“Digital Nomad” means you can work from every corner of the world just carrying the basics: a computer, a notebook, a camera…. It depends on what you do for a living. Every day, there are more work options for this lifestyle and we are not only talking about freelancers or entrepreneurs but also about full-time employees.

You don’t always need a co-working space because you can work in a café, in an apartment, in a hotel room, or even from the beach.

Imagine yourself writing out a blog post in a Costa Rican beach before exploring the great outdoors, or how about getting inspiration from the sound of the ocean, or having a creative idea while sitting in the shade of a palm tree.

This kind of life is a reality for many people these days. Some data from 2015 calculated that by 2035 there will be around 1 billion remote workers, taking advantage of the – every day faster- Internet around the whole world.

The Internet is a must for digital nomads (in fact, that’s why “digital” is part of the term), so if you’re traveling, ask for the Internet speed in advance.

What else do you need?

  • The desire of making money in a flexible work schedule while traveling and living amazing experiences.
  • Establish a routine, taking into consideration which are the best times for you to be productive and what requirements you need to achieve your daily goals.
  • Be flexible but also upfront, ready to deal with different time zones.
  • Take advantage of different communication channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Google Hangouts and Skype in order to plan ahead video interviews and meetings.
  • Carry a notebook and a pen with you, for those moments when you need to write down an idea and you’re not carrying your laptop or tablet with you.

If working remotely is within your possibilities, don’t hesitate to visit Costa Elena as your first or next destination to work at. You’re always welcome here!

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