Hotel Dreams Las Mareas

Enjoy the comfort of a world-renowned hotel and the Unlimited-Luxury® experience at Hotel Dreams Las Mareas. In this resort, comfort and the amenities will be the main protagonists in an itinerary designed by you. Experience the delicacies that can be found in the eight restaurants that are at your disposal or let go and enjoy from a wide range of activities for adults, kids or for the entire family.




There is much to be enjoyed, discovered and experienced in this amazing destination. As you take a beach safari by boat, bike or walk along the shore, you will quickly be awed by the magical qualities of the region. The northern Guanacaste pampas, the mountain ranges, memorable horseback rides, ATV adventures and rural and authentic community experiences are unlike anywhere else in Costa Rica. Authenticity is what sets this region apart from other Costa Rican destinations and its magic is sure to entice you to want to stay and experience more.


The Guanacaste Conservation Area (ACG), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounds Costa Elena and is an integral part of the magic of the region. The ACG is home to some of the most important natural habitats in the dry tropical forest in Central America. The terrestrial chameleonic seasons, magnificent marine life like whales, turtles and fish, and the coastal environments, like beaches, estuaries or cobblestone rocks are all delicate ecosystems and its conservation and care are critical for the migration and life cycles of many species. As you transverse through this region, revel in the fact that it is one of the oldest geological formations in Central America, take the time to pay tribute to an ancient land and take part in caring of it as well.


Since 2008, Costa Elena has been working hand in hand with the local communities and proactively reaching the goal of contributing to the positive social and economic development of the region. By improving access to better educational resources, training programs and infrastructural needs like potable water and roads, Costa Elena has demonstrated its commitment to opening more pathways for better opportunities and improving the quality of life of the surrounding communities. Over the years, new job and economic opportunities have increased in the region, changing the economic fabric of what was once one of the poorest counties in Costa Rica. Costa Elena, not only by its social and cultural contributions, but also through its environmental protection programs is proud to be a protector of all that makes up this marvelous destination.