Having a spa session is a lovely way to thank your body. It’s a way of having some ‘me time’ that gives you the opportunity to start taking care of yourself and stop worrying about external issues.

They’re so many ways of relaxation in a spa center, such as a massage session, facials, and mud baths to detoxify the skin from built-up waste and bacteria. You can also have a session with mineral-rich spring water or seawater for medicinal baths.

The best aspect of these possibilities is that, even though you have to spend just a few hours in these stimulation sessions, the effects you’re going to receive last longer.

Did you know that even ancient Greeks and some other civilizations spent some time at the spa? Babylonians, Egyptians, Romans and Native Americans believed that bathing in a particular wellspring, source or river resulted in a spiritual purification, that’s why the term denotes “fountain” and it has been historically related to a way of treating illnesses.

The term has been used even from the 14th century, and the word “spa” is originated from the Belgian town called like that, where a curative spring was discovered.

Even though you might not have a purifying river at home, it’s possible to create your own spa-like experience easily. First of all, reduce all the noise, dim the lights and establish a stress-reducing mood. If you’re in the bathtub, diffuse some essential oils, use hand and body scrubs for a cleansing bath, use some homemade sea bath recipes and you can even add some music to get you into a relaxed mood.

So, what are the benefits of a spa you might not know about?

It can improve your cardiovascular health, due to the pressure that the water applies to your body, it also increases your cardiac volume and helps it to stay healthy. At the same time, a spa bath can lower your blood pressure.

It targets the liver, kidney, lungs, and skin. In fact, it also helps you to clean your body while heat opens your pores, allowing you to re-energize by cleansing your system, removing bad toxins and regenerating new blood back into your body.

Spa’s reducing stress attributes are well-known not only when sitting in warm water but also with massage sessions. Your body will release serotonin and enhance the feel-good factors, a recipe for relaxation and well being.

Hot water can also help you sleep while relaxing your muscles. Other spa treatments that can cause the same effect include acupuncture, shiatsu, and therapeutic massages. They can also help you to relieve aches and chronic pains (arthritis, sciatica and muscle spasms), as well as reducing headaches.

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