Imagine celebrating New Year’s Eve with sand between your toes, watching the fireworks in the sky while listening to the soft sound of the waves.

Experience New Years in a different way surrounded by friendly ‘ticos’ and their party-spirit. The beach is a great place to be to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018 with arms wide open and we´ll tell you why:


Entertainment all day long

Of course, when we’re talking about New Year we think only about how we’re going to spend the night. However, it’s important to also look for a great way to enjoy December 31 st and January 1st during the day, not only during the evening.

The beach is the place where you’ll be likely to have fun ‘til the night. Go and have a swim, or maybe a surf session. Spend some time under the sun and then have fun with your friends during the afternoon.


Parties all around


Ticos really know how to celebrate. Around this time of the year, every night is colorful and festive. The countdown for New Year comes with a famous song called “Jugo de Piña”, the one that makes every “Tico” feel the excitement and importance of this night.


If you’re in Guanacaste and you’re looking for options, Tamarindo (located 2 hours away from Costa Elena) or even San Juan del Sur, in Nicaragua (1.25 hours away) are great places to be at midnight and receive the New Year surrounded by a party.


Fresh seafood

Dinner is a vital part of New Year’s celebration. If you’re in a Guanacaste beach, ask for fresh fish or seafood. It’s considered one of New Year’s Eve lucky food, because fish’s scales resemble coins and because they swim in schools which invoke the idea of abundance. If you’re next to the coast, then you’ll know you’re being served a fresh seafood.


A great opportunity to meet new destinations

Have you heard about December 31 st ‘s tradition of running around the block with a suitcase in order to travel more during the upcoming year? We can’t assure that it works, but definitely being in a new destination during the first day of the year is a way of feeling motivated to do it more often year-round.

When on the beach, think about repeating the experience as soon as possible, meditate on how to make it last and rethink about where to go next time.


The best season to visit the beach

Summer in the tropics is at its peak during the Holidays. If you’re already in Guanacaste then you’ll be absolutely sure that it was a great idea to visit the area during this time. Sun is shining and clouds are nowhere to be seen. It’s a great time to visit National Parks, to get a natural tan and to recharge batteries, taking advantage of the positive effects beach brings to our body, mind, and soul.


Check out where around Costa Elena you’re going to enjoy this New Year. If it’s not for this year, then take time to plan it out for the next time but don’t miss the chance of having a different New Year at least once in your lifetime: by the beach!

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